DVD Live in Stockholm

Good Morning Susie Soho
From Gagarin’s Pint of View
Definition Of A Dog
The Face Of Love
Intro Bowling
Dodge The Dodo
‘Round Midnight
Bemsha Swing
Photo Gallery
Video Clips “From Gagarin’s Point of View”, “Round Midnight”
All music written and performed by e.s.t. (Svensson / Berglund / Öström)
Except “Round Mighnight” composed by B. Hanighen / C. Williams/ T. Monk
And “Bemsha Swing” composed by T. Monk/ D. Best
Recorded by Ake Linton at Nalen, Stockholm on December 10, 2000
Light Designer: Kristoffer Berg
Filmed by: Paul Möllerstedt, Johan Larsson, Petter Parsson, Bobo Ericzen, Mans Dahlkvist, Tobias Anerhult
Produced by Spamboolimbo Productions AB & Barracuda Film & TV
Mixeby by Ake Linton & Mats Jenseus at Bohus Sound recording
Stere Sound Mastering by Claes Persson at CRP Recording
5.1 Surround Sound Mastering by Peter Cobbin at Abbey Road Studios, London