E.S.T. Live in Hamburg

CD 1
1 Tuesday Wonderland
2 The Rube Thing
3 Where We Used To Live
4 Eighhundred Streets By Feet
5 Definition Of A Dog

CD 2
1 The Goldhearted Miner
2 Dolores In A Shoestand
3 Sipping on The Solid Ground
4 Goldwrat
5 Behind The Yashmak

Recorded on November 22, 2006 at the Laiszhalle in Hamburg by the NDR
Producer for NDR: Axel Dürr and Stefan Gerdes
Album Mix: Ake Linton at Bohus Sound Recording
Assistant Engineer: Mats Jenseus
Mastering: Dragan Tanaskovic at Bohus Mastering
Photos: Jim Rakete
Cover Design: Gabor Palotai